Sigma and Childhood Absence

Published research to date related to the Sigma-1 protein and Childhood Absence Epilepsy has been conducted with compounds not developed by Advantx Pharmaceuticals Inc. Our therapeutic candidate ADV127 for Childhood Absence is the first truly selective, pharmaceutical-grade compound in development targeting the Sigma-1 receptor with a clean molecule, and far superior in potency, safety, and efficacy to all others tested to date.


CaV1.2 channelopathic mutations evoke diverse pathophysiological mechanisms

By Moradeke A. Bamgboye, Kevin G. Herold, Daiana C.O. Vieira, Maria K. Traficante, Philippa J. Rogers, Manu Ben-Johny, and Ivy E. Dick Excerpt from the article published in BioRxiv 2022.06.13.495975; Posted June 16, 2022, DOI: Editor’s Highlights CaV1.2 L-type Ca2+ channels are perhaps the most prevalent of the voltage-gated Ca2+channels, existing in cardiac, neuronal, and smooth muscle cells. Mutations […]

Maladaptive myelination promotes generalized epilepsy progression

By Juliet K. Knowles, Haojun Xu, Caroline Soane, Ankita Batra, Tristan Saucedo, Eleanor Frost, Lydia T. Tam, Danielle Fraga, Lijun Ni, Katlin Villar, Sydney Talmi, John R. Huguenard, and Michelle Monje Excerpt from the article published in Nature Neuroscience 25, 596–606 (2022). Editor’s Highlights Absence seizures occur in multiple forms of human generalized epilepsy and are […]

Alterations in Excitatory and Inhibitory Synaptic Development Within the Mesolimbic Dopamine Pathway in a Mouse Model of Prenatal Drug Exposure

By Taylor Boggess, James C. Williamson, Ethan B. Niebergall, Hannah Sexton, Anna Mazur, Richard D. Egleton, Lawrence M. Grover, and W. Christopher Risher Excerpt from the article published in Frontiers in Pediatrics , 9, 13 December 2021, DOI: Editor’s Highlights Neonatal abstinence syndrome (NAS) is a collection of signs and symptoms commonly observed in […]

Exome Sequencing in 200 Intellectual Disability/Autistic Patients: New Candidates and Atypical Presentations

By Floriana Valentino, Lucia Pia Bruno, Gabriella Doddato, Annarita Giliberti, Rossella Tita, Sara Resciniti, Chiara Fallerini, Mirella Bruttini, Caterina Lo Rizzo, Maria Antonietta Mencarelli, Francesca Mari, Anna Maria Pinto, Francesca Fava, Margherita Baldassarri, Alessandra Fabbiani, Vittoria Lamacchia, Elisa Benetti, Kristina Zguro, Simone Furini, Alessandra Renieri, and Francesca Ariani Excerpt from the article published in Brain […]

Astrocyte-Neuron Signaling in Synaptogenesis

By Lili Shan, Tongran Zhang, Kevin Fan, Weibo Cai, and Huisheng Liu Excerpt from the article published in Frontiers in Cell and Developmental Biology 2021; 9: 680301, 2021 Jul 2. doi: 10.3389/fcell.2021.680301 Editor’s Highlights Synapses are the fundamental units in building the entire neural network, through which signals are transferred from pre-synaptic neurons to post-synaptic cells in a […]

Auxiliary α2δ1 and α2δ3 Subunits of Calcium Channels Drive Excitatory and Inhibitory Neuronal Network Development

By Arthur Bikbaev, Anna Ciuraszkiewicz-Wojciech, Jennifer Heck, Oliver Klatt, Romy Freund, Jessica Mitlöhner, Sara Enrile Lacalle, Miao Sun, Daniele Repetto, Renato Frischknecht, Cornelia Ablinger, Astrid Rohlmann, Markus Missler, Gerald J. Obermair, Valentina Di Biase and Martin Heine Excerpt from the article published in Journal of Neuroscience 17 June 2020,  40 (25) 4824-4841; DOI: Highlights This study provides support for the reported association of the α2δ1 coding region (CACNA2D1) and the α2δ3 coding region (CACNA2D3) genetic aberrations with autism and the […]

The α2δ Subunit and Absence Epilepsy: Beyond Calcium Channels?

By Roberta Celli, Ines Santolini, Michela Guiducci, Gilles van Luijtelaar, Pasquale Parisi, Pasquale Striano, Roberto Gradini, Giuseppe Battaglia, Richard T. Ngomba, and Ferdinando Nicoletti Excerpt from the article published in Current Neuropharmacology 2017 Aug; 15(6): 918–925. Published online 2017 Aug. doi: 10.2174/1570159X15666170309105451 Editor’s Highlights Chilhood and juvenile absence epilepsy belongs to a group of epileptic syndromes of genetic origin […]

Nonlinear EEG biomarker profiles for autism and absence epilepsy

By William J. Bosl, Tobias Loddenkemper, and Charles A. Nelson Excerpt from the article published in Neuropsychiatr Electrophysiol 3, 1 (2017). Editor’s Highlights Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and epilepsy are common neurodevelopmental disorders that account for a large proportion of child and adult neurologic burden of disease. Childhood absence epilepsy (AE) is a generalized epilepsy syndrome […]