Sigma and Osteoarthritis

Published research to date related to Sigma proteins and Osteoarthritis has been conducted with compounds not developed by Advantx Pharmaceuticals Inc. Our therapeutic candidates targeting Sigma receptors are the first pharmaceutical-grade compounds in development with clean molecules and unambiguous activity, far superior in potency, selectivity, safety, and efficacy to all others tested to date.


Sigma-1 receptor attenuates osteoclastogenesis by promoting ER-associated degradation of SERCA2

By Xiaoan Wei, Zeyu Zheng, Zhenhua Feng, Lin Zheng, Siyue Tao, Bingjie Zheng, Bao Huang, Xuyang Zhang, Junhui Liu, Yilei Chen, Wentian Zong, Zhi Shan, Shunwu Fan, Jian Chen, and Fengdong Zhao Excerpt from the article published in EMBO Molecular Medicine e15373 25 May 2022 DOI: Editor’s Highlights Abstract Sigma-1 receptor (Sigmar1) is a […]

Sigma-1 receptor modulates neuroinflammation associated with mechanical hypersensitivity and opioid tolerance in a mouse model of osteoarthritis pain

By Mireia Carcolé, Sami Kummer, Leonor Gonçalves, Daniel Zamanillo, Manuel Merlos, Anthony H. Dickenson, Begoña Fernández-Pastor, David Cabañero, and Rafael Maldonado Excerpt from the article published in British Journal of Pharmacology, 23 July 2019; 176: 3939– 3955. DOI: Abstract Background and Purpose: Osteoarthritic pain is a chronic disabling condition lacking effective treatment. Continuous use of opioid drugs during […]

Blockade of the Sigma-1 Receptor Relieves Cognitive and Emotional Impairments Associated to Chronic Osteoarthritis Pain

By Mireia Carcolé, Daniel Zamanillo, Manuel Merlos, Begoña Fernández-Pastor, David Cabañero, and Rafael Maldonado Excerpt from the article published in Frontiers in Pharmacology, 03 May 2019Sec. Experimental Pharmacology and Drug Discovery DOI: Abstract Osteoarthritis is the most common musculoskeletal disease worldwide, often characterized by degradation of the articular cartilage, chronic joint pain and disability. Cognitive dysfunction, […]

Sigma 2 Receptor/Tmem97 Agonists Produce Long Lasting Antineuropathic Pain Effects in Mice

By James J Sahn, Galo L Mejia, Pradipta R Ray, Stephen F Martin, and Theodore J Price Excerpt from the article published in ACS chemical neuroscience, 2017 Aug 16;8(8):1801-1811. DOI: Free PMC article Editor’s Highlights Abstract Neuropathic pain is an important medical problem with few effective treatments. The sigma 1 receptor (σ1R) is known to be […]